Getting Started with Gmail and Google Drive

"Cloud Computing" is the name for using online services instead of programs that run on your computer. We look at how Google is revolutionizing the ease with which you can create and store documents, spreadsheets, and presentations online using Google Apps in your web browser, and how Gmail allows you not only to set up a free account to send and receive email, but also to use all of their other online services in connection with your Gmail account. Using Gmail and Google Apps you can upload or create a new document, make it available on the web, and collaborate with others to make changes to it - find out how.

Below you will find links to online resources, free downloads of the handouts we use in our programs, and links to Amazon for books, software, and hardware where appropriate. Using these links to purchase these items benefits Upper Valley Digital and helps us to continue to provide the free information and handouts you can find here.

Online Resources

Gmail Help site [Google]
Google Drive Help [Google]
Google Calendar Getting Started guide
Getting Started Tour of Google Drive

Program Handouts

Getting Started with Gmail [pdf]
Getting Started with Google Drive [pdf]


Sometimes the best reference is a book that you can peruse, mark up, read on the bus, etc. Here are few of book references that cover Gmail and Google Apps, including business uses. There's suprisingly little available on Gmail, possibly because the service is changing so rapidly as Google adds features. See the Google help pages above for more on Gmail.