Facebook for Beginners

On Facebook you "poke" your friends and write on their "walls" - what is that all about? In this program we talk about what Facebook is, how to sign up for it, how to track down old friends, keep up with who is doing what, and even let your organization or business maintain a presence among your supporters and clients.

Below you will find links to online resources, free downloads of the handouts we use in our programs, and links to Amazon for books, software, and hardware where appropriate. Using these links to purchase these items benefits Upper Valley Digital and helps us to continue to provide the free information and handouts you can find here.

Links and Online Resources

10 Privacy Settngs Every Facebook User Should Know

Program Handout

Facebook For Beginners [pdf]


Sometimes the best reference is a book that you can peruse, mark up, read on the bus, etc. Here are some book references that cover a range of information about Facebook.