Welcome to Upper Valley Digital, a small Vermont company offering
education, imaging, and website development.


All of our previous program handouts, along with lots of other links to printed and online resources about topics we cover in our programs, are available on our Program Handouts and Additional Resources page.

We occasionally do scanning of photos and digital photo restoration (for instance, scanning an old photo and then turning it into something that you would be pleased to share with family members). This is interesting work, a bit tedious, but it seems to connect with our interests. For information on scanning and imaging, drop us an email at bob.raiselis@uppervalleydigital.com

As usual, you can send an email to programs@uppervalleydigital.com to be placed on the mailing list for future program announcements and monthly reminders about upcoming presentations. That mailing list is pretty quiet right now.

Handouts and resources from some popular past programs:

Desktop, Laptop, Tablet, SmartPhone: Which is Best for You? (handout .pdf only)

Staying Safe Online

Computer Backups - Where to Start?

Scanning Your Archival Photos

Getting Started on eBay

Options for Creating a Website (handout .pdf only)

Gmail and Google Drive